Working Students

As part of our program our students are exposed to a comprehensive course in horse health that includes collecting vital statistics, proper nutrition, worming and vaccination schedules, breeding and foaling protocols and emergency response.  We teach in depth nutritional planning. Dietary requirements, pasture care and feeding hay are important parts of managing a healthy herd.  

Our riding program is based on a Balanced Seat. The Balanced Seat is used for combined training, dressage, fox hunting and show jumping. We have found that in order to attain a good seat, one must become part of the horses motion. We start by teaching our students on a lunge line, on a surcingle. Once the student has become strong enough to ride with your hands on your hip at the walk, trot and canter the next step is to do the same in a saddle with no reins or stirrups. Once you have a nice balanced seat with out holding on we will reintroduce the reins and stirrups back to you. We found that this works wonders with our students and makes it easier for everyone to learn how to become one with the horses motion.

At FWF we have lots of young horses in training or that are ready to be started under saddle.  

We are looking for the individual who is ready to maximize their knowledge.

  •   Don't bother coming unless you have your "A" game.
  •   Being on time with a good attitude and ready to work hard and long hours.
  •   Feeding, haying, cleaning waters.
  •   Grooming horses.
  •   Working horses.
  •   Cleaning the barn.
  •   Teaching beginner lessons.
  •   Dedication ​

  If you are interested in becoming a working student at Fair Winds Farm please fill out the  application here.
If you have a video and/or pictures of yourself riding please email us the link as well as your resume.

Health and Emergency Contact
FWF Release
Riding Contract
Equine Liability Act


Betty Bryant

Fair Winds Farm- Manager/Trainer/Website Designer/Photographer Virginia Beach, VA October 2006- Present 

  • Responsible for 40 horses and completion of daily duties. 
  • Administer medication and treatment as prescribed by veterinarian. 
  • Trainer of new working students and employees.
  • Head Riding Instructor.
  • Specializing in starting of young horses and preparing them for Mare Performance Testing.
  • Assistance with the Clinical Equine Reproduction Program (horse handling, herd health management, record keeping, etc.)
  • Foal watch and foaling

Photographer - Website Designer Betty Bryant Photography- Owner Virginia Beach, VA May 2008- Present

  • Specializing in Equine Photography, Weddings, Senior Portraits, Family Portraits and Special Events 
  • Extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and specialist software. 
  • Arranging still life objects, products, scenes, props and backgrounds. 
  • Communicating with photographic subjects, putting them at ease, encouraging and directing them. 
  • Producing business cards, postcards and promotional materials, and creating and maintaining a website.

  • Bronze Medalist
  • Trained and rode the 2017 USDF National Pony Cup Grand Champion to the Four Year Old Futurity win.
  • Successful Mare Performance Test Rider/Trainer 
  • Demo Rider for Olympic Coach Jane Savoie, USEF S and FEI 4* Janet Foy, Major Jeremy Beale a former International Event rider, USDF Gold Medalist and owner of Laser Equestrian Products, Short List Olympian Jim Kofford and FEI International Trainer. 
  • Numerous first place rides at championships and reconized shows..
  • Showing 3rd and Training FEI  Dressage.

Looking forward to meeting you all, Betty Bryant 757-493-1095