Stacy Pattison Clinic

May 13-14

Fair Winds Farm  is hosting a dressage clinic with Stacy Pattison. Stacy is a Silver Medalist and is currently training and competing our Hanoverian stallion, Ridley at Grand Prix.  Stacy specializes in rider position and bringing young horses up the levels. Stacy has an exceptional way of explaining how to engage your core to achieve better movement from the horse and more expression in the movements!  We've had Stacy at our farm for a number of private clinics and we always gain a lot of knowledge and more tools for training.

The cost will be $75 per rider for 45 mins and includes lunch and snacks.  Spots are limited to 10 riders per day.  Check and application will hold your spot.  Look forward to seeing you all at fair Winds Farm.  Auditing is $5.00 per person and includes lunch and snacks :).  Pictures and/or video can be taken of your ride. $25 for video and $30 for pics.  

If you are interested in riding with Stacy, please let us know and we will send you an application. Stalls are available for the day and overnight. Any questions please private message me or 757-493-1095/ [email protected] 

Video and/or pics are available for your rides. $25.00 for video and $30 for pictures. Must sign up ahead of time.

Application for clinic
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