Schedule of Events

Below is our clinic schedule and show schedule for 2017
  1. March 25-26
    March Magic Dressage Show
    First show of the year!Ryann, who is almost 4 years old now just went to her very first show and won all of her classes with a 67+ and High Score on Saturday and a 69+ on Sunday. Go Ryann! Ridley/Proud Gina. Thank you Betty Bryant for your fabulous work with this youngster. And for making every adventure she goes on positive and fun. ​
  2. May 13-14
    Stacy Pattison Clinic
    May 13th-14th Stacy Pattison is coming. Stacy is a Silver Medalist and is currently training and competing our Hanoverian stallion, Ridley at Grand Prix. Stacy specializes in rider position and bringing young horses up the levels. Stacy has an exceptional way of explaining how to engage your core to achieve better movement from the horse and more expression in the movements!
  3. June 3-4
    Thorsten Kramer Clinic
    Fair Winds Farm is hosting a dressage clinic with Thorsten Kramer. Thorsten is a Gold Medalist dressage rider, trainer and instructor. Thorsten brings his extensive knowledge and German training background to each and every horse and rider. Along with his exceptional skill and dedication to correct training, Thorsten is attentive to every detail regarding the horse's comfort. His work is always correct, consistent and kind. He has recently taken clinics with Christoph Hess, Lilo Fore and Conrad Schumacher.
  4. July 7-9
    USDF National Dressage Pony Cup and Breed Show
    Ryann competed at the USDF National Dressage Pony Cup and Breed Show at The Kentucky Horse Park. On Saturday, Ryann secured her triumph in the NDPC Four-Year Old Futurity after completing Training Level tests Two and Three. She followed up on that victory by collecting the NDPC Mare Championship, the NDCP Mature Pony Championship and the NDPC Grand Championship in-hand. She also was the Champion of her IBC Weser-Ems Class and Dressage Suitability during the sport horse breeding competition in front of judge Hilda Gurney. ​
  5. December 2-3
    Major Jeremy Beale
    Dec. 2nd and 3rd we have the pleasure of having Major Jeremy Beale come to our area for a riding clinic. Jeremy is a former International Event rider, USDF Gold Medalist and co-owner of Laser Equestrian Products. He is also the author of the best selling books "The Logic of Elementary Dressage" and "Eventing in Focus". Major Beale's vast riding accomplishments, experience and education make him uniquely qualified in bringing out the full potential of both horse and rider. Based in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, he is a sought after clinician across the US having helped several riders get their Gold Medals and many others achieve their Silver and Bronze Medals. I owe much of my riding skills developed over the years to his coaching and his equipment. In 2016, with the help of Jeremy I received my scores for my USDF Bronze Medal. In 2017, with the help of Jeremy I trained and rode the USDF National Pony Cup Grand Champion to the Four Year Old Futurity win. Major Beale is available to teach dressage and jumping. We look forward to having you join us for this very educational clinic. Ride spots are limited to 8 a day. Cost: Private Lessons $150.00 (45 minutes) Semi- Private Lessons $ 95.00 (2 people for one hour) Group Lessons $ 65.00 (3-5 people for one hour and 15 minutes)

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