Price: $25,000

Photo by ARYONIA Croft

Ryann is a black four year old Weser-Ems filly by Ridley o/o the imported pony mare Proud Gina from the Katrin Stolz Proud Reitponygestüt ​program.  

Ryann has three lovely gaits with plenty of suspension. She was extremely easy to start and has a ten rideability.

She was awarded Premium at her foal inspection and received an overall 8 at her mare inspection this year.

Photo by Emma Jakaitis

On July 7-9th, 2017 Ryann competed at the USDF National Dressage Pony Cup and Breed Show at The Kentucky Horse Park. On Saturday,

Ryann secured her triumph in the USDF NDPC Four-Year Old Futurity after completing Training Level tests Two and Three. 

She followed up on that victory by collecting the NDPC Mare Championship, the NDCP Mature Pony Championship and the NDPC Grand Championship in-hand.

She also was the Champion of her IBC Weser-Ems Class and Dressage Suitability during the sport horse breeding competition in front of judge Hilda Gurney.

Video by Aryonia Croft

On March 25-26th, 2017 Ryann went to her first show (March Magic).   She won both of her classes with a 67+ and 69+.  On Saturday she was high score in her division

At the USDF NDPC, She was also officially measured for 2017 at 137cm (a hair over 13.2H with shoes).

Ryann has made us very proud, not only of her accomplishments, but of our breeding/training program and our Fair Winds Farm team!

We look forward to Ryann competing this year at First Level.

Photo by Aryonia Croft

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